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This idea for the program was inspired by the CEO’s daughter Chantal, who could not afford to purchase her tickets, nor dress for her senior prom. She never let her mother know she wanted to attend, as she felt due to the prices, she just would not go. We at the Prom Dress Fairy Project, do not want another young lady to ever have those feelings.The program donates formal dresses and accessories to high school girls for their prom, that otherwise could not afford them.


My mother Cheryl Murray never turned away a hungry child; she feed the neighborhood. I grew up with this mentality and adopted it in my home. I also continue to support every soup kitchen, food box program or church in Metro Atlanta. We created Cheryl's Kitchen Table so that we can fill the void in our immediate area of Stone Mountain, Lithonia and Snellville. We plan to supply a nutritious food box to families in need on a monthly basis.


This program was born out of necessity. How many young men do you know, who purchased their first suit for a family funeral? The average young man, under the age of 25 does not own a suit. We at ICEZ felt the need to provide a young man with a suit and tie for his homecoming dance, senior prom or first job interview a priority. We plan to have events that gift a young man with a suit, give excellent grooming tips and teach them the proper way to create a windsor knot in a tie.


In the early era of festivals in Rome and Africa, traditional clowns wore oversized and baggy costumes made from burlap bags, old clothing or sheets, sewn together by hand. The progression to elaborate and jeweled costumes, masks and the cracking of whips and joyous dance steps became the norm in the late fifties. Today, the traditional clown of the West African strain is almost extinct. We Does Fete Mas band is the keeper of this tradition in the Atlanta-DeKalb Carnival. They have performed in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Alabama and other small Festivals on the East Coast.

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