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​We, at ICEZ have been involved in our community for over 20 years; volunteering with officials like DeKalb County's Commissioner Mereda David-Johnson, as well as countless other organizations. It was time for us to fill a void in our immediate community of Stone Mountain, Lithonia and Snellville.


There are many programs across the state to feed the homeless and engage youth, but not many in the Eastern Metropolitan Atlanta area. That is where we come in.


Prom is a spring ritual that takes place across the globe - an experience for seniors and juniors mere weeks before graduation. Through the Prom Dress Fairy and Young Esquire projects, we are engaged in assisting young people with a change to wear an elegant out or dashing suit, without the worry of cost.

Let's face it, after over eighteen months of COVID 19, we could all use a little help!

We created the Prom Dress Fairy and Young Esquire Projects to promote self-confidence and individual beauty/handsomeness by providing FREE proms dress, suites and accessories to young people who could not otherwise afford them. We do not want a young person to miss out of the apex of their career in high school (outside of graduation day) because they simply could not afford to purchase their clothing. We are here for them.


Our efforts to assist our community is added and made possible through invaluable volunteers, donors and community support.

We encourage you to support us by volunteering your time as one of our events. If need be, we will be happy to provide a letter for your community service hours.

Additionally, we welcome your monetary donations, prom dress, suit, shoes, ties and accessories gifts as well.

Please let us know how you wish to support as at: or click on the button below.

We appreciate you!

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