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The I&C Empowerment Zone is a non-profit organization that focuses on instilling beauty, confidence and mental strength in the community. Founded by mother and daughter team Imani and Chantal Marley-Husbands; they are focused on four program initiatives to serve the eastern metropolitan Atlanta area:

The Prom Dress Fairy Project which will provides FREE prom gowns and accessories to disadvantaged young ladies, who would otherwise not be able to attend their prom.

The Young Esquire Project that provides young men with suits and ties, and in the spring, prom gear to young men in the low income district.

We Does Fete Masquerade Band which has proved to be a crowd favorite, is performance arts entity. This entertainment group keeps the tradition of the Caribbean Clown alive and well at parades and carnival celebrations on the east coast and the caribbean islands.

Cheryl's Kitchen Table, is a food distribution program that provides nutritious items to families in need, as well as feeding the homeless in downtown Atlanta.

There are several key people that assist this dynamic duo in their event operations, social media and logistics, especially during the busy summer months; and we thank them all from the bottom of our hearts.

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